The Writing-Mum-Life

Mumming is a joy. It’s a privilege. It’s a challenge. It’s a hoot. It’s a pain in the arse. It’s funny, sweaty, dirty, knackering, lovely and sometimes it makes you cry proper tears for reasons you are too embarrassed to expand upon to your significant other/confused toddler. And sometimes the weirdest things come out of your mouth – like ‘Oh look, Wendy Wolf is blowing Peppa on the swing!’ or ‘Can you look at mummy with your front bottom, please?’

It is, as they say, quite the journey.

I love it all, but I still want more.  I want a diverse, flexible, writing career packed full of things that I love.  I don’t mind if it’s not perfect.  I don’t mind if it’s messy.  I just want it to be uniquely mine.

God knows I’m not the only one. We all want the family-work-life balance, and the dream of the perfect life (which doesn’t exist – it’s happening right now and it’s glorious so I guess we’ve just got to drink it up) and so many of us want to do it ourselves. Be great mothers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and all-round authentic, unapologetic women of charisma and glamorous mystique.

This site is my attempt to curate and share everything I can find to make these writing, creative dreams become as much of a reality as possible.  I don’t know what the end goal is yet – I don’t think I ever have! – but I’m putting this out there and am bloody well going to enjoy the journey. I’d love some company, so please get involved in any way you like – comment on the blog, follow the site for blog updates or contact me just to say hi. Safety in numbers and all that…

There are already millions of ‘mumpreneurs’ (bleurgh), mum bloggers, writers and creators who (seem to) have it all – but it’s time to stop letting that be intimidating and start using it as inspiration.  Other people can create the life they want – why not me?  Why not you?

We just need somewhere to start.